Wonderful Tips for Buying the Best Sofa

What material should the sofa choose? Today, I will share 6 tips for choosing the best sofa. After reading these 6 points of comparison, maybe you will no longer hesitate!

In ordinary families, the sofa should be the largest piece of furniture other than the bed. Common sofa materials include solid wood, fabric, leather, solid wood + fabric/leather and so on. Sofas of different materials will be different in appearance, comfort, durability, price and experience! So what material is the best choice in ordinary families?

6 Tips for Buying the Best Sofa

Which sofa looks good?

Key words: Yan value control, Internet celebrity style.

For those who pursue the ultimate style and the style of the Internet celebrity, the main purpose of the decoration is to pursue the aesthetic effect. Therefore, the material and style need to be selected strictly according to the style collocation.

For example, Chinese style uses solid wood, new Chinese style uses solid wood + software, simple fabric art, light luxury leather art… Therefore, from the perspective of appearance, sofas of various materials should be selected according to the decoration style. .

6 Tips for Buying the Best Sofa

Which sofa is more comfortable to sit on?

Key words: high-frequency users of lying sofa and living room.

If the activities at home are mainly sitting in the living room, and you like to lie on the sofa, then you must choose a sofa that is more comfortable to sit on.

Regarding the comfort of the sofa material, I feel that the fabric sofa should be the most comfortable. It is soft to sit up and has good air permeability. It will not be cold in winter and hot in summer like a leather sofa. Of course, if some people have bad waist and legs, they may be more comfortable. Prefer firmer solid wood sofas.

6 Tips for Buying the Best Sofa

Which sofa is more durable?

Keywords: heirlooms, be strong.

From the perspective of durability, solid wood sofa is undoubtedly the first choice! Whether in terms of structural stability, or the degree of dirt and scratch resistance of the surface material, solid wood sofas are far more durable than fabric and leather sofas!

Fabric and leather sofas are dirty and shabby, and they will be broken, while solid wood sofas are brighter and brighter the more they sit. If the precious solid wood sofas are properly maintained, they can even be used as family heirlooms.

6 Tips for Buying the Best Sofa

Which sofa is cheap?

Keywords: low budget, rental housing.

Compared with sofas of the same quality (inferior, medium, and high-quality), fabric sofas are generally the cheapest, leather sofas are the second, and solid wood sofas are the most expensive;

Although the fabric sofa is cheap, the quality is relatively poor, and the durability is not as good as that of solid wood. If it is a rental house, it is actually better to buy a solid wood sofa of rubber wood, which is slightly more expensive but more durable.

6 Tips for Buying the Best Sofa

Which sofa is easy to clean and maintain?

Keywords: clean and hygienic, durable.

From the point of view of care – the solid wood sofa is the easiest to care for, if it is dirty, just wipe it with a damp cloth; the leather sofa is second, it can be wiped with a cloth, but it is easy to turn black after a long time; and the fabric sofa is the most difficult to care for , It can only be disassembled and washed if it is dirty. If it is disassembled and washed more often, it will become old!

6 Tips for Buying the Best Sofa

The cleaning of the sofa is a short-term issue of cleanliness. In fact, if you look farther, you will find that it is actually related to durability. Blackened leather sofas, washed and broken fabric sofas – it is estimated that they will almost be lost. ! The solid wood sofa is the more you sit, the brighter it gets.

6 Tips for Buying the Best Sofa

Which sofa is safer?

Keywords: family with young children, special groups.

If there are young children at home, I recommend using soft sofas (fabric and leather), but fabric sofas are easy to get dirty, so leather sofas are the priority!

6 Tips for Buying the Best Sofa

The solid wood sofa is too hard and easy to collide, so it is not suitable for families with young children. If there are special groups of people at home, such as those with inconvenient waist and legs, they should also be considered when choosing a sofa.

Regarding the choice of sofa, the above has made a simple analysis from the six dimensions of style matching, comfort, durability, cost-effectiveness, care and safety. You can learn from it when choosing a sofa!

6 Tips for Buying the Best Sofa

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