How to Design the Best Invisible Doors?

How to Design the Best Invisible Door?

For most home decoration, the invisible door is an unused design, but in some special apartment types or situations, the invisible door is a surprisingly effective design. Through the invisible door, you can play a beautiful decorative effect, and can also resolve some difficult design problems! Now let me talk about the design of the invisible door!

What is the use of invisible doors?

When there is a door on the background wall, the door will affect the integrity of the entire background wall, which will lead to the lowering of the design level of the entire space.

By combining the invisible door with the background wall shape, the entire background wall will be more complete, and a more exquisite and atmospheric design effect will be achieved. In addition, in some special cases, if you don’t want to make the door too conspicuous, the invisible door is also a powerful design method.

What are the design methods of invisible doors?

As an aesthetic-oriented design, the invisible door naturally needs to be designed according to the actual style of the space, the shape of the wall beside the invisible door, the material and other comprehensive factors. According to the wall material and design of common styles, Common cooking methods for invisible doors are as follows:

①Frame shape as invisible door

In the European and American style design, the frame shape is a more common background wall design scheme. In the case of these decoration styles with doors on the background wall, the invisible door design of the frame shape can be adopted, and the door can be integrated into the frame shape. That’s it.

②Wooden veneer as invisible door

In some relatively simple and modern decoration styles, wood veneer is also a relatively common design element, and the light-colored wood veneer can be used in a large area of ​​the whole house. If there is a door on the background wall, you can Use wood veneer to decorate the background wall, and then add the design of invisible doors to the wood veneer.

③ Screen as invisible door

Screens are a common design element in Chinese and Japanese decorations that are more oriental and elegant. Therefore, when there is a door on the background wall, the screen can also be used as the design shape of the background wall, and then the invisible door and the screen shape can be used. Combined with the design, it can achieve the effect of invisible door and exquisite screen decoration effect at the same time.

④Painting the invisible door

The invisible door is made of conventional door panels. The entire door is installed in an invisible door manner, so that the door is flush with the wall, and then the door is painted with the same latex paint as the wall to achieve minimalism and elegance. The invisible door design effect.

How does the invisible door open and close the door?

Some well-designed invisible doors look like a design integrated with the surrounding from the outside. There is no door handle to open the door, so how to open the invisible door?

①Closer + inside door handle

By installing a closer inside the invisible door, the function of automatic door closing can be realized, so that the door can be opened by pushing the door handle without manually closing the door on the outside; ; For the door lock, just install a door lock on the inside to realize the anti-lock function.

②Sliding door

If conditions permit, the switch effect of the invisible door can be realized through the design method of the sliding door, which is also a design scheme worthy of consideration.

Regarding the design method and installation implementation of invisible doors, different styles and sites will have different methods. The solutions I shared above are for reference only. You can learn from them, and then make implementation solutions according to your own situation.

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