The Best Living Room Wall Painting in 7 Themed Styles

The Best Living Room Wall Painting in 7 Themed Styles

Paintings in the living room are a decorative space and a soft decoration element to create a space style.

Generally, they are purchased after the decoration is completed. However, in order to make the combination of hard decoration and soft decoration more harmonious, I personally recommend that you buy them when decorating.

Consider the collocation of the hanging paintings to avoid the disharmony between the hanging paintings and the decoration!

Depending on the content of the picture, the common hanging painting styles include animals, plants, landscapes, calligraphy and painting, portraits, architecture and geometry. So, how to choose the matching of the hanging paintings in the living room? Now let me talk about this topic!

1 animal print hanging

Keywords: cute, lively, Nordic, simple

There are various kinds of animals, such as birds, rabbits, deer, horses, etc. You can decide the animal patterns and colors according to your own preferences, which can make the space more in line with your own aesthetics; and through interesting animal patterns hanging paintings, you can make the space look more vibrant Lively and simple atmosphere, like simple style, Nordic style living room, hanging paintings with animals is a more common match.

animal print hanging

2 Plant Pattern Hanging Paintings

Keywords: fresh, natural, simple Nordic, light luxury Chinese

Compared with the lively animal pattern hanging paintings, the plant pattern hanging paintings can make the space look fresh and natural, and the plants also have a combination of green and yellow. Can be matched with light luxury and Chinese style.

Plant Pattern Hanging Paintings Living Room

3 Landscape paintings in Living Room

Keywords: Zen, artistic conception, Chinese style

“Looking at the mountains from a distance is colorful, but listening to the waters is silent” – in the “Painting” by the Tang poet Wang Wei, a landscape painting with a lifelike artistic conception is depicted. A mainstream, and Chinese style as a style that inherits traditional design, landscape paintings are naturally one of the best design elements to create a sense of Zen.

Plant Pattern Hanging Paintings

4 calligraphy and painting patterns

Key words: lofty, refined, simple, Chinese

The hanging paintings of calligraphy and painting patterns are generally a design element that shows calligraphy and the owner’s interests. The living room is decorated with specific calligraphy and paintings, which can create a noble and elegant temperament such as indifference, highness, elegance and simplicity, especially suitable for Chinese style. Space decoration.

 calligraphy and painting patterns

5 Portrait Pattern Hanging Paintings

Keywords: goddess, fashion, modern

For girls who pursue modernity and fashion, they can take their photos into a model blockbuster, and then hang them at home to enjoy themselves every day, making themselves more confident! Like young artists, models, and clothing practitioners, hanging decorative paintings with portrait patterns at home is also a manifestation of their dedication.

calligraphy and painting patterns

6 Architectural Pattern Hanging Paintings

Keywords: modern, avant-garde, art

In some modern-style spaces, hanging decorative paintings with architectural patterns can make the space appear more avant-garde and artistic, and make the space appear more advanced and generous; The pursuit of architecture or design is generally suitable for those who are keen on design or art.

Architectural Pattern Hanging Paintings

7 Geometric Pattern Hanging Paintings

Keywords: modern, minimalist, engineering

In the decoration of modern style, hanging paintings with geometric patterns are also a relatively common type. Through unique geometric patterns or lines, it can bring a minimalist and angular space effect to the space, making the space more three-dimensional and suitable for work. Engineering professionals in architecture and engineering.

Geometric Pattern Hanging Paintings

The living room is the center of home decoration, and hanging paintings has a great relationship with the creation of space atmosphere; if you hang paintings in your living room, what paintings do you plan to hang?

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