Megaman Lamps

megaman lamps

Megaman lamps are distinctive in design. Unlike normal lamps, their bottom has a visible U-bend. U-bends are usually hidden near the base, and this unique design places the exhaust tip at the apex of the U. The U-bend of Megaman lamps is formed by vacuum forming.

GU10 compact fluorescent lamp

Megaman is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of energy-efficient lighting solutions. Its comprehensive range includes a wide variety of colour temperatures, sizes and shapes, as well as dimmable models. These lamps are highly efficient, reduce environmental impact and offer outstanding light quality. The company’s products can be found in over 90 countries worldwide, and are ideal for a wide range of applications. For further information about Megaman’s products, visit the company website.

Megaman’s new 7w and 9w CFL GU10 reflector lamps offer direct replacements for GU10 halogen lamps, and incorporate the company’s exclusive Ingenium technology, which provides exceptional lighting performance and a long operating life. The lamp’s integrated cooling tube keeps operating temperatures at a minimum.

In addition to replacing halogen bulbs, Megaman offers a 5.5-watt dimmable LED light bulb. This is ideal for replacement halogen bulbs and is also available as a retrofit option. The bulb features 500 lumens of light, a 36-degree beam angle, and a long lifespan.

AR111 LED lamp

The Megaman AR111 LED lamp is an energy-efficient replacement for traditional 75W halogen lamps. This compact 15W lamp features dimming capabilities and delivers excellent luminous intensities. It also has Megaman’s patented Thermal Conductive Highway, which significantly reduces the amount of energy lost to heat.

The Megaman AR111 LED lamp offers a similar light output to a 75-watt halogen lamp with a 630 lumen output. It is also 230-volt rated and features a dim2warm function. It has a wide operating voltage and has a lifetime of 35,000 hours.

Megaman is a Hong Kong-based light manufacturer that has been selling energy-efficient light sources for over 20 years. They have a global sales network and have over 120 engineers in research and development. Their products are praised for their energy-saving and environmental friendliness. In fact, the company was awarded a Certificate of Merit for its environmental achievements in 2003.

PowerLens directional lamp

The Megaman PowerLens directional lamp is a highly energy-efficient CFL reflector. It has an extended luminous intensity and narrow beam angle, making it ideal for ambient lighting and highlighting areas. With more than 400 products to choose from, the MEGAMAN PowerLens directional lamp offers substantial benefits for both customers and the environment.

Megaman’s energy-saving lamps have been used for a number of retail lighting schemes, including the Meriden Bar and Restaurant at Birmingham Airport, run by Food Travel Experts, SSP. The brand has also supplied high-efficiency lamps for refurbishment projects, including the Cardiff Castle redevelopment. Megaman’s MHx and LED AR111 lamps were chosen by River Island and Crown Silver for their stores.