Top 9 Best Places to Install Wood Veneers

In modern decoration, wood veneer is a relatively common design element. This material has a simple and natural appearance design effect, and the wood texture also has excellent practicability for the protection of the wall. Where can the design of the tool be used?

Today we will talk about the application of wood veneer in home decoration, you can refer to it!

1 headboard wall

The bedside wall is a relatively large wall used to place the bed. Using wood veneer to make the bedside wall is a very good material! First of all, the wood veneer material is wear-resistant and strong, and the bed body will not damage the surface of the wood veneer; secondly, the wood veneer material is warm and natural, which can make the bedroom more comfortable and warm.

2 TV Wood Wall

The TV wall is a position that most people value in decoration. If the veneer is used as the TV wall, the entire TV wall will have a simple and natural effect. It is also a simple, direct and practical design when matched with a modern minimalist style space.

3 sofa wall

For sofa walls that are usually painted with latex paint, if the sofa has been placed on the sofa for a long time, and people sit on the sofa and lean back, the wall at the back of the sofa will be squeezed and rubbed black after a long time. The wood veneer material has the effect of wear resistance and pressure resistance. If the veneer is used as the sofa wall, it can be kept fresh for a long time, and the effect is also simple and warm.

4 large empty walls

In the aisle, side of the restaurant and other relatively large empty walls, if you paint with latex paint, it will not be resistant to dirt and new. If you use wood veneer to paste the blank wall, the decoration effect of the entire space will be better.

5 Partial smallpox

On some partially suspended ceilings or ceilings with beams,veneer can also be introduced to decorate, weakening the presence of local small ceilings or beams, which is a more beautiful and interesting space decoration design method.

6 Window frame protection

The frame of the window is the outer corner, which is easy to be damaged by bumps. Packing the window frame with veneer not only protects the outer corner of the window, but also has the effect of decorating the window frame and creating a space style through the unique color and texture. .

7 Bay window sill

The window sills of the bay window are made of stone and wood. The window sill of the stone is cold. In order to make the space more warm, a fabric cushion should be added. The wooden window sill can be made of wood veneer, and the window sill is installed on the bay window, making the The texture of the bay window is warm and comfortable, and it is natural and warm to sit directly on it.

8 Pass Gate

At the entrance of the doorway indoors, there will be more open corners. If you don’t deal with the later stage, it is easy to collapse, and surround it with veneer, so that the design effect of the entrance is beautiful and natural, and it also allows the entire entrance of the entrance to be obtained. protection, making the space more durable.

9 Protect the base of the wall

As a wall decoration material that is more durable than latex paint, wood veneer is used as a wall skirt, which can play an important role in protecting the wall feet.

Regarding the application scenarios of wood veneer, I have introduced 9 positions above. You can refer to it and see which position you can use wood veneer to decorate and design.

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