Creating a Festive Atmosphere with a Paper Lantern Table

The History and Significance of Paper Lanterns

For centuries, paper lanterns have been used in traditional festivals throughout Asia. Their soft glow adds a magical touch to celebrations, providing a symbol of good fortune, success and unity. In China, paper lanterns are often used during the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Chinese New Year; in Japan during the Obon Festival; in Korea during the Harvest Festival; and in Thailand during Loy Krathong.

Paper lanterns were first invented in China during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD). The earliest lanterns were shaped like wild geese and were made of silk or paper. The Han Dynasty literature described the lanterns as “floating in mid-air, like a moon.” The lantern gradually became more popular across Asia, with different cultures developing their own unique styles and shapes.

How to Create a Paper Lantern Table

A paper lantern table is a simple, yet elegant way to add ambience to any occasion. Here are some simple steps to create your own paper lantern table:


– Paper lanterns in various sizes and colours
– Glass vessels or jars
– LED tea lights
– Decorative string lights
– Tablecloth or runner
– Scissors

Step 1: Set the table

Cover the table with a tablecloth or runner in a solid color to provide a neutral backdrop for the lanterns.

Step 2: Prepare the lanterns

Cut the metal wire from the top of the paper lanterns and insert an LED tea light inside. Use scissors to cut decorative strips of paper or fabric and attach them to the bottom of the lanterns for an added touch of elegance.

Step 3: Create glass vessels

Fill glass vessels or jars with string lights to create a subtle yet enchanting effect. Arrange the glass vessels in different sizes at the center of the table.

Step 4: Place the lanterns

Place the prepared paper lanterns on and around the glass vessels. Mix and match colors and sizes to add variety and depth to the arrangement.

Tips for a Perfect Paper Lantern Table

– Use a mix of sizes and colours to create depth and interest.
– Place lanterns at different heights to create visual variety.
– For an added touch of sophistication, use metallic or patterned paper lanterns.
– Experiment with different types of string lights to create unique effects.


Creating a paper lantern table is a simple and affordable way to add warmth and festivity to any gathering. No matter the occasion, a paper lantern table will give your guests a memorable experience that they will not forget. So, gather your lanterns, fill your glass vessels, and get ready to create a festive atmosphere for your next event!

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