What Chair Does Markiplier Use?

Markiplier is one of the most popular gaming YouTubers with over 30 million subscribers. He is most famous for his “Let’s Play” gaming videos where he plays horror video games, but also dabbles in other types of content such as comedy skits. He has a net worth of $35 million and his channel is in the Top 100 most subscribed channels on YouTube as of this writing.

What Does Markiplier Use?

While most gaming YouTubers prefer to use a high-end, licensed chair for their setup, Markiplier isn’t one of them. He instead opted for a cheap chair that’s perfect for his gaming style and needs.

What Is Markiplier’s Gaming Pc?

As a YouTuber who is known for his Let’s Play gameplay videos, Markiplier knows that it’s crucial to have the right equipment. To do so, he uses a high-end gaming computer that comes with all the features and capabilities he requires to deliver his commentary to his viewers.

What Camera Does Markiplier Use?

As you’d expect, Markiplier uses a high-quality camera for his YouTube videos. He currently uses the Sony a7 iii which is capable of capturing great-quality video footage. The a7 iii is the latest version of Sony’s a7 series cameras, and it’s been known to capture excellent quality footage in both low-light and high-light settings.

What Recording Software Does Markiplier Use?

While many YouTubers prefer to use a professional video editing program, Markiplier uses a free recording program called OBS. It allows users to stream and record video for free and is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

What Does Markiplier’s Gaming Monitor Look Like?

Markiplier’s monitor is a 27-inch AOC Widescreen Gaming Monitor with a flat-panel IPS LED. This monitor is perfect for gamers as it provides a smooth and immersive viewing experience.

What Gaming Mouse Does Markiplier Use?

As with any gamer, Markiplier understands that a good gaming mouse is essential for a successful game. For that reason, he uses the Razer DeathAdder, a gaming mouse with eight super-sensitive programmable buttons and a 20K DPI optical sensor that helps to reduce cursor drift while gaming.

What Does Markiplier’s Headset Look Like?

In his video clips, Markiplier often wears a pair of Sennheiser HD 598 Cs headphones. These headphones are lightweight and feature a rugged design that can be used with virtually any audio device. They’re also affordable and come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find the perfect match for your gaming setup.

What Are the Gears Markiplier Uses?

In addition to his gaming equipment, Markiplier also has other equipment that he uses to put together his gameplay videos. He uses a microphone with multiple polar patterns, which enables him to capture the sounds of his voice more clearly and eliminates background noise from his videos. He also uses a Rode PSA1 boom arm to hold the mic, which offers 360 degrees of rotation and plenty of reach for him to get close to his audience.