LED Edison Bulbs – Energy Efficient, UL Listed, and Long-Lasting

led edison bulb 60 watt

A new bulb in your home is not only decorative, but can save you money on energy bills as well. LED Edison bulbs are energy efficient, UL Listed, and long-lasting. Before making the switch, you must understand how they work. A 60-watt incandescent bulb may produce close to 800 lumens, while a 6.5-Watt LED filament bulb emits the same brightness with less power. By learning about lumens, you can make a better decision and make your home more energy efficient.

UL Listed

The UL Listed LED Edison bulb 60 watt is an excellent energy-saving light bulb. Its 60 watt output is the same as a traditional 60 watt incandescent bulb and offers superior quality lighting. Its lifespan is an impressive 30000 hours, which is more than twenty years when used three hours a day. It is also a mercury-free light source and dimmable.

A typical UL Listed led Edison bulb 60 w is able to save up to 90% in electricity costs, thanks to its long lifespan and compatibility with most dimmer systems. In addition, it can be used in any intermediate e26 base socket.


The Energy efficient LED Edison bulb 60 watt by Feit offers the same warm, soft light you expect from a classic light bulb. Its lifespan is over 10,000 hours, making it a good choice for lamps. Its CRI rating is 90+ and it’s compatible with lighting dimmers. It also provides good energy efficiency and light distribution.

This energy efficient light bulb is a wonderful choice for the home or commercial space. It has a vintage, industrial style that appeals to those who are looking for something with a bit of a retro vibe. The bulb’s filament is visible, adding a touch of vintage charm. Its warm light is also compatible with dimmer switches.


If you’re replacing an old, inefficient incandescent light bulb in your home or office, consider a decorative LED bulb. Decorative LED bulbs have the same look and feel as traditional bulbs, and are energy efficient. These bulbs have the same E26 base socket as traditional incandescent bulbs, but use much less energy. They can even be dimmed. This makes them a great choice for interior decoration.

This bulb is available in various styles and colors. These unique bulbs can elevate any area. Whether used indoors or outdoors, these bulbs can bring a stylish upgrade to any area. They’re especially perfect for porches, patios, pathways, and entryways.