Mfr. Part#: : 1-57408-058-X
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Price :$409.98

General information
  • manufacturer: primavera systems inc
  • manufacturer part number: 1-57408-058-x
  • manufacturer website address: www.primera.com
  • marketing information: suretrak project manager helps you plan
  • schedule and organize projects from start to finish. even if you've
         never managed a project you can do it like a pro with suretrak.

    Product information
  • software type: project management
  • software name: suretrak project manager v.3.0 - complete product
  • features & benefits: plan to succeed:
         no matter how many projects you're responsible for or how complex
  • they are suretrak project manager helps you develop a solid plan
  • for achieving project goals and for managing them to a successful
  • finish.
         create project schedules quickly and easily:
         suretrak offers two schedule views - gantt and pert with graphics
  • that can be easily inserted and rearranged giving you optimal
  • control over your project schedule.
         control projects from start to finish:
         from your initial brainstorm session to your day-to-day updating
  • suretrak gives you the tools you need to take control of your
  • project and guide it to a successful finish. suretrak gets you on
  • the fast track with its unique features - project kickstart and
  • progress spotlight which allow you to quickly and thoroughly plan
  • and update your projects. with suretrak you can model the
  • inevitable changes in priority analyze alternatives for dealing
  • with limited resources and accelerate work as deadlines approach.

    Keep everyone up-to-date:      unite and motivate your team members with suretrak's built-in web
  • publishing comprehensive e-mail capabilities and flexible
  • reporting. whether you are collaborating on activity details or
  • gathering status information suretrak allows you to get your point
         across to team members regardless of where they are located.

    Succeed with suretrak:      feature for feature suretrak is simply the best way to manage all
  • your projects. the proof is in the finished project: on time on
  • target and on the money.
         fast-forward through years of experience:
         getting started with project management has never been easier - for
  • novices or the project management veteran. the suretrak getting
  • started wizard project kickstart guides you through the initial
  • stages of project planning with a proven framework for brainstorming
  • and anticipating problems. you'll answer questions that define
  • project phases clarify goals establish tasks anticipate obstacles
  • and delegate assignments.
         get the big picture - or deal with the details:
         whichever way suits your needs - viewing the big picture or drilling
         down to the details - suretrak gives you a straightforward graphical
         project outline to view your deadlines for easier management and
  • greater control.
         view your project - graphically:
         with pert you can graphically insert and associate activities -
  • indicating which activities are autonomous and which rely on the
  • completion or the start of other activities. use the mouse to
  • rearrange activities put them in sequence or select a range of
  • activities and link them in one step. rearranging the activities
  • from a logical to a timescaled sequence is just a mouse click away.
         you can easily navigate large projects with pert's cosmic view.

    Speed up the process:      suretrak comes fully loaded with the features needed to get going -
  • quickly. with customizable industry-specific templates you'll save
         time while establishing a methodology for future projects. you'll
  • also save hours of frustration with the animated tutorial - getting
         you up-to-speed with a tour of suretrak's features and wizards. and
  • there's no learning curve with suretrak menus and toolbars - they're
  • all familiar because they are consistent with microsoft office.
  • suretrak even reads microsoft project files for a quick conversion -
  • and no dual entry.

    Get focused:      with progress spotlight you'll get a quick view of all activities
  • within a specified time period. see which activities need updating
  • and which may cause a delay downstream. variable timescale lets you
         zoom in on a selected period to see greater detail on screen. team
  • members can focus on high-priority activities in this graphical
  • to-do list.

    Track your success:      compare actual completion dates and costs with target dates and
  • budget. after spotlighting activities let suretrak estimate
  • progress for the project as a whole or quantify progress on
  • individual activities. reforecast resource requirements in exact
  • amounts or let suretrak automatically adjust them based on the
  • up-to-date plan.

    Keep it in perspective:      suretrak activity codes enable you to group and summarize activities
         by phase responsibility resource and other customizable codes.
  • interactive filters make it easy to narrow activity information to
  • view different perspectives. save these views for easy retrieval
  • with suretrak's layout and filter toolbar.

    Pull it all together:      pull projects together with the project group wizard and manage them
         as groups even when projects are created and scheduled by different
  • people. once the projects are grouped you can summarize activity
  • data and give upper management a balance sheet of all projects.

    Simplify resource assignments:      real-world projects need real-world resource control. that's why
  • suretrak lets you define and assign resources - people equipment or
  • materials - to several activities at once. model different work
  • schedules with customizable resource calendars and variable resource
  • availability. even assign resources to work on activities part time.
         forecast shortages to avoid delays:
         before your project comes to a stop see if you're getting the red
  • light in suretrak's resource profile or resource table. if an
  • activity demands more resources than in supply use suretrak's
  • resource leveling tool to reschedule low-priority activities until
  • more resources are available. suretrak can schedule around activity
         and resource calendars as well as determine how long an activity
  • will take based on its resource requirements and resource
  • availability.

    Anticipate obstacles:      see how rescheduling one activity affects the predecessor and
  • successor activities in the trace logic window of pert. as you
  • encounter project delays or resource shortages suretrak
  • automatically displays the downstream effects on the rest of the
  • project and most importantly on the critical path.

    Send it in writing:      print out what you see on-screen as a report or save as html format.
         choose from over 40 industrial-strength reports or create your own.
         emphasize deadlines communicate priorities or clarify
  • responsibilities by embellishing with graphics vivid colors and
  • attention getting fonts.

    Send it faster:      get the latest priorities and schedule changes to your team members
  • quickly using e-mail. freely distribute primavera's easy-to-use
  • primavera post office to project team members. they'll see their
  • assignments and update their work indicating when activities
  • started and how much work remains. when project updates are
  • received audit them for accuracy approve them and automatically
  • merge them into the schedule - without any dual entry.

    Send it farther:      share graphical reports and layouts in html format. communicate
  • assignments deadlines and project status with project participants
         at all levels in all locations with the suretrak web publishing
  • wizard. link data from documents photos drawings and spreadsheets
         to your portfolio of projects. browser-equipped team members can
  • access project details for a better understanding of their roles in

    The project.      integrate project information into corporate systems with ole
  • automation accessible by visual basic c++ or suretrak's own
  • object-oriented basic (sbl).

    Resource and cost management:
  • unlimited resource calendars
  • resource leveling with customizable priorities
  • resource-driven durations
  • cost schedule and budget variances
  • unit cost and revenue by resource
  • variable resource availability
  • resource start and finish dates and lags
  • reports and graphics tracking budget actual cost to date percent
         complete earned value cost to complete cost at completion revenue
         to date revenue to complete and revenue at completion
  • cash flow forecasting
         presentations reports graphics:
  • gantt bar charts and pert diagrams
  • resource/cost histograms and curves
  • organized project data by filtering grouping sorting or
  • summarizing
  • predefined reports filters and layouts or create your own
  • summary and detailed reports
  • web reports in html format
  • scalable reports to fit the specified number of pages or scaling
  • percentages
  • customizable bars
  • customizable header and footer with titles dates logos legends

    And revision blocks
  • pivot table wizard for cross-tab reporting
  • multinational language specification for reports
  • complete customization of project workspace (e.g. colors date
  • and time formats)
  • activities with pictures text ole files or web urls attachments
  • log text for free-form notes

    Graphical user interface:
  • bar chart view with resource histograms/tables
  • pert with trace logic and cosmic views
  • variable timescale to zoom in on selected portions of a project
  • stretch/compress timescale and activities
  • movable activities with drag and drop
  • graphically assign actuals and constraints
  • point-and-click relationships
  • layout/filter toolbar to change layouts instantly
  • interactive print preview
  • unlimited zoom levels
  • customizable tear-away toolbars
  • pop-up calendars and legends
  • wizards on-line help and animated tutorial
  • comprehensive on-line help with link to primavera web page

    Data exchange:
  • read/write primavera project planner (p3 ) files
  • read/write microsoft project mpx files
  • automated mail broadcasting for update requests
  • web publishing wizard for internet/intranet publishing of reports
  • compliant with vim and mapi e-mail systems
  • primavera post office for team updating of assignments
  • cut and paste between windows applications via clipboard
  • odbc-compliant database
  • macros and basic automation scripts
  • year 2000 compliant

    Project modeling:
  • project kickstart for project brainstorming
  • up to 10 000 activities per project
  • multiproject scheduling and resource planning
  • simultaneous projects or project groups
  • simultaneous access to projects within project groups
  • work breakdown structure and project outline
  • up to 24 activity codes with dictionary of titles
  • up to 10-character intelligent activity ids
  • activity codes and ids for selection sorting grouping
  • summarizing and reporting
  • customizable activity and resource calendars
  • industry-specific project templates or create your own
  • target date original/remaining duration and budget baseline
  • comparisons
  • scheduling and prioritizable resource leveling
  • what-if analysis
  • earned value analysis
  • interactive filters

  • critical path scheduling
  • precedence diagramming method (pdm)
  • finish-to-start start-to-start finish-to-finish and
  • start-to-finish relationships
  • all relationships with lead and lag
  • free total and negative float calculations
  • 31 base calendars per project
  • durations in hours days weeks or a combination
  • 10 types of schedule constraints (e.g. start-no-earlier-than
  • finish-no-later-than as late as possible)
  • 7 types of activities (e.g. milestones hammocks independent
  • activities)
  • suspend and resume dates for in-progress activities
  • automatic and manual activity updating
  • exclusive progress spotlight for assisted update
  • special bonus: project kickstart wizard the 30-minute project
  • organizer
  • planning made simple with eye-catching pert and bar chart graphics
  • multiproject scheduling and resource planning
  • what-if analysis for creating action plans
  • clear colorful activity categorization
  • web publishing and e-mail project communication
  • language supported: english
  • distribution media/method: cd-rom
  • package type: retail box
  • platform support: pc

    License information
  • license type: complete product
  • license pricing: standard
  • license quantity: 1 user(s)

    Physical characteristics
  • shipping dimensions: 3.25 height x 8.00 width x 10.25 depth
  • shipping weight: 2.29 lb

  • system requirement: - pentium pc
  • windows nt 95 98
  • 16 mb ram
  • vga or higher resolution monitor
  • cd-rom
  • hard disk with 40 mb free space
  • compatibility: - pc


    2000hrs 120w lamp/bulb for tlp-
    470 471 projectors ...

    Digital media theater

    Pr3010 dlp proj svga 2500nit

    Lifecam nx-6000 win usb port
    Eng us hw ...

    160gb sata 7200rpm hdd
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